Division: Intergovernmental Relations (IGR)
Purpose: To manage fiscal relations in the improvement of the
intergovernmental fiscal system based on the principle of co-operative
governance, oversee the implementation of local and provincial government
budget reform processes, develop recovery measures within municipalities
under mandatory interventions, develop and implement reforms to improve
infrastructure planning, reporting in provinces and local government, and
facilitate the development of urban network plans.
SALARY ` R1 663 581 per annum, (all-inclusive remuneration package)
CENTRE : Pretoria
REQUIREMENTS : A Grade 12 is required coupled with a minimum postgraduate qualification
(NQF level 8) as recognised by SAQA in Economics, Finance, Public
Administration or Accounting, A minimum 8-10 years’ experience required at a
senior managerial level obtained in the budget allocation, improvement of the
intergovernmental fiscal system, and the financial reforms system, within the
provincial and local government spheres, Knowledge and experience of the
provincial and local government infrastructural reforms, Knowledge and
experience of the facilitation and development of urban network plans, A broad
knowledge of the intergovernmental workings of the 3 Tiers of government.
Successful completion of the Nyukela Public Service Senior Management
Leadership Programme as endorsed by the National School of Government
available as an online course on, prior to finalisation of an appointment.
DUTIES : Provincial and Local Government Fiscal Framework and alignment: Determine
fiscal framework for provincial and local government, Review the Equitable
Share Formulas for provinces and local government, Determine grants for
provinces and municipalities to meet their strategic obligations, Coordinate
drafting of Division of Revenue Bill in support of basic serviced infrastructure
and capacity building initiatives within provinces and municipalities. Provincial
and Local Government Budgeting Implementation and Oversight: Coordinate
the publication of Provincial and Local Government Expenditure Reviews,
Monitor trends in provincial and local government budgets and performance
including infrastructure delivery and conditional grants, Coordinate and support
budget preparation processes for provincial and local governments. Improve
Financial Management, Infrastructure Delivery and Capacity Building and
Interventions: Institutionalise the enforce compliance with financial
management reforms in provinces and local government, Engage and partner
stakeholders in the implementation of capability development in financial
management in prioritised municipalities, Monitor compliance of financial
vulnerable municipalities in alignment with the municipal financial recovery
plans and support implementation within provinces, Initiate the implementation,
institutionalisation and enforcement of measures to improve value for money
in infrastructure delivery within provinces and municipalities. Strengthening the
Provincial and Local Government’s role in Economic Development, Job
Creation and Spatial Transformation: Facilitate Intergovernmental alignment of
economic development interventions earmarked for implementation, Develop
an integrated pipeline of spatially targeted projects and institutionalisation of
project preparation in large municipalities, Coordinate implementation of
targeted economic development programmes in prioritised municipalities.
Intergovernmental Co-ordination: Coordinate Intergovernmental meetings (e.g.
Budget Council, City Budget Forum, Budget Forum) pertaining to provinces
and municipalities, Coordinate with stakeholders to ensure an aligned and
integrated approach pertaining to capability development in municipalities and
institutionalisation of best practices to improve performance of municipalities.
ENQUIRIES : (No applications):

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