Division: Public Finance (PF)
Purpose: To provide advice to the Minister of Finance and Director-General,
and initiate the development of frameworks on fiscal monitoring, including the
evaluation of policy proposals, reviewing of expenditure plans and service
delivery trends of departments and entities, aimed at strengthening and
achieving optimal budgetary spending through transparent financial oversight.
SALARY : R1 663 581 per annum, (all-inclusive remuneration package)
CENTRE : Pretoria
REQUIREMENTS : A Grade 12 is required coupled with a minimum post-graduate qualification
(equivalent to NQF level 8) as required by SAQA in Finance, Accounting, Public
Administration or Economics, A minimum 8-10 years’ experience at a senior
managerial level obtained budget planning, financial management and public
finance, Knowledge and experience of government’s budget framework,
Experience in public/private sector strategy and planning management,
Knowledge of strategic management and policy analysis and development,
and Ability to gather and analyse information for public finance policy
development and application of policies, Successful completion of the Nyukela
Public Service Senior Management Leadership Programme as endorsed by
the National School of Government available as an online course on, prior to
finalisation of an appointment.
DUTIES : Evaluate Departmental MTEF, expenditure and submissions: Conduct an
annual evaluation of departmental and sectoral MTEF inputs and consolidate
for accuracy, Evaluate the effectiveness of policy proposals and monitor
expenditure plans, Compare budgetary proposals of stakeholders with service
delivery outputs, financial oversight, and expenditure monitoring, Implement
measures to strengthen optimal budgetary spending and oversight through a
transparent process, Provide inputs to MTEC and Ministers’ Committee on
draft Budget and compilation of ENE chapters. Policy Analysis and
Development: Develop public finance policy analysis capabilities for the
enhancement of guidelines, Influence the development and initiatives informed
by gaps identified in policies, guidelines, and methodologies, Implement a
platform for public finance regulatory reforms that is responsive to the policy
goals and objectives of government, Provide guidance and support in the
strengthening of capacity for policy analysis and development within
Government, Provide clear guidelines for Public Finance in the enhancement
of their engagement with the Minister of Finance, Cabinet and Parliament,
Coordinate PFMA and Treasury Regulation approvals and oversight.
Research, Benchmarking and Advice: Conduct benchmarking and research
projects with recognised international institutions, Integrate research finding
and inputs from stakeholders to document gaps and identify key reforms for
implementation, Facilitate the e-generation and integration of information in the
wider business environment, Develop trend analysis, modelling, and scenarios
for the enhancement of public finance reforms and related projects, Provide
advice on economic and fiscal policy, budget documentation and support to
Minister and DG. Stakeholder Engagement and Publications: Consult internal
and external stakeholders in the enhancement of processes, and operational
aspects public finance, Engage stakeholders on budgetary trends that
negatively impact the budget process, Build institutional capacity to interact
with the trade-offs to inform interaction with departments, Initiate drafting and
publication of budget documentation and editing of ENE Chapters, Attend to
parliamentary questions and initiate the finalisation of speaking notes for senior
stakeholders in the National Treasury.
ENQUIRIES : (No applications):

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