Directorate: Overberg Education District Office
SALARY : R444 036 per annum (Level 09)
CENTRE : Caledon
REQUIREMENTS : 3 year post matric qualification. plus 3 years’ experience in project
management in a ICT environment preferably within education. A valid driver’s
license. To manage e-Learning projects at district level. Knowledge of relevant
eLearning Provincial Policies, legislation, and regulations (White Paper 7).
Knowledge of Project Management within an ICT environment. Knowledge of
Project Management within an education environment. Skills: Advanced
computer literacy, negotiation, presentation, communication, and report writing
skills. Project and organizational planning. Ability to think analytically and
systematically. Competencies: Required – Deciding and Initiating Action,
Applying Expertise and Technology, Leading and Supervising, Adhering to
Principles and Values, Persuading and Influencing, Analysing, Planning and
Organising, Formulating Strategies and Concepts. Competencies
Recommended: Presenting and Communicating Information, Delivering
Results and Meeting Customer Expectations, Coping with Pressures and
Setbacks, Adapting and Responding to Change.
DUTIES : ICT and Technology Access and Provisioning: Planning: Assist in the process
of confirming the list of priority schools for new and technology refresh.
Conduct audits of technology at schools to inform decisions (collaborated with
CeI for technical evaluation). Manage the retrieval and redistribution of
technology. Coordinate and manage the implementation of all e-Learning
projects deliverables such as project plans, site visits, installations. Ensure that
schools with subject-specific needs (e.g. CAT / IT / EGD) are adequately ICT
resourced in collaboration with other stakeholders (Head Office, District
Subject Adviser and CeI) according to approved plans. Check and report on
the schedule of needs and project plans for technology provisioning in priority
schools/ district. Submit project plans for approval and signature of the
Manager Curriculum Support (MCS) and Director Education District.
Implementing: Coordinate and project manage all technology provisioning at
schools for e-Learning and e-Administration. Develop and implement plans,
processes and systems to effectively implement e-Learning and technology
provision projects and report on all projects. Liaise with head office (eLearning)
with respect to provisioning of technology and relevant research and evaluation
innovation projects. Implementation and support of new technology and refresh
of technology at Public Ordinary and Special Schools. Closure and handover:
Ensure support and maintenance as per SLA from CeI, ICT helpdesk, outside
service providers: e-Learning and e-Administration equipment including
connectivity. Collaborate and liaise with the different units at head office and
districts i.e. eLearning HO, FET/GET Curriculum, IMG, ICT Committee and CeI
with respect to relevant e-Learning projects. Ensure first line administrative
technical support to schools and School Network Administrator (SNA) with
respect to error detection including connectivity, software and hardware.
Information Management and Reporting: Provide relevant information to inform
the e-Learning database. Develop, manage, and maintain an updated
database / records of the implementation of e-Learning projects including
financial aspects in line with project management principles. Update and
maintain a project register. (e.g. WCED Projects, District Initiated and Donor
funded). Report regularly to relevant stakeholders on e-Learning projects,
technology provisioning, and connectivity.
ENQUIRIES : Ms I Senosi Tel No: (028) 214 7300

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