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Our Restaurant and Bar: Culinary Delights & Timeless Tastes

At Shekinah Lion and Game Lodge, we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional dining experience that merges the rich flavors of traditional Western and African cuisine, creating an ambiance that feels like home. Our guests have the option to dine in the main restaurant, the private Predator Restaurant and bar, or enjoy the privacy of their own room.


We understand the significance of catering to diverse tastes, which is why we offer a range of delectable dishes that celebrate local and international flavors, all served with warm hospitality. From complimentary breakfasts and dinners for all our guests to tantalizing lunch and dinner options, we ensure that every dining experience is unforgettable.


Our private restaurant sets the stage for an intimate and exclusive dining affair. On weekends, guests are entertained in the enchanting boma area, where African cultural dances and captivating storytelling sessions unfold around the crackling fire. 


On Sundays, embrace the true essence of Africa with an authentic African potjie for lunch.

Satisfaction & Quality

Indulge in the comforts of our bar, where you can unwind with a wide selection of beverages, expertly paired to complement your meal. 


As a part of our commitment to our guests’ utmost satisfaction, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of service, guided by our values and professional ethics. Our ultimate goal is to meet our clients’ needs precisely and create an unforgettable experience that promotes Shekinah Lion & Game Lodge as the premier game lodging destination in South Africa.


You are never without an option as we also offer 24-hour room service, so you can satisfy your cravings at any time of day or night. 


If you are not a guest of the lodge, you can also enjoy our culinary delights by booking your table with reception. We provide an à la carte menu for lunch and provide an impeccable dining experience. 


There are limited spaces and you will need to book in advance to ensure that you get a table. Sadly, no young children are allowed (u12). Experience our cuisine that harmoniously blends exceptional tastes with the heartwarming embrace of a home away from home.

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