District: Eden & Central Karoo Education District Office
SALARY : R376 413 per annum (Level 08)
CENTRE : George
REQUIREMENTS : Appropriate National Diploma (NQFL 6) or degree with 3 years relevant
experience. A valid Code B or higher drivers’ Licence. Further Duties are and
developmental initiatives including Youth Clubs, Anti-Truancy and Back to
School Programmes. Coordinate and facilitate training in conflict management,
crime prevention and safety planning. Coordinate and implement safety and
security training in line with the National Schools Safety Framework.
Coordinate and facilitate Youth Development Programmes which includes After
School Programmes (ASP) and Holiday Programmes. Monitor and report on
the implementation of various attitudinal / behavioural programs and relevant
budgets to the DCES School Management and Governance Support.
Knowledge of: Occupation Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993. Compensation
for Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993. Compensation for
Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, 130 of 1993. National Environmental
Management Act, 107 of 1998. Finance (SCM and budgetary processes).
Knowledge and application of relevant Education Policies, Prescripts and
Legislation. National School Safety Framework Project Planning. Skills: Report
writing skills. Planning and organising skills. Monitoring and evaluation skills.
Problem solving skills Human relations skills. Analytical skills. Negotiation
skills. Conflict Management and Mediation Skills. Communication skills (At
least two of the official languages of WCG). Presentation and facilitation skills.
DUTIES : Implementation of Occupational Health and Safety Policies, National /
Provincial School Safety Framework, work procedures and relevant policies in
schools. Ensure the establishment of a properly constituted and functional
safety committee. Assist with the development of a safety policy to protect the
property and keep employees and learners safe. Assist with the creation of a
comprehensive safety Plan which will include a Contingency Plan. The role of
each employee in maintaining workplace safety (include RCL, SGB and SMT).
Type of training each employee needs. Keep up to date with all aspects of
relevant health and safety workplace legislation and communicate relevant
changes. Conduct safety and security awareness campaigns and
programmes. Provide a high-level Safety Health Environmental (SHE)
consultancy and advisory service based on legal and other regulatory
frameworks. Regular inspections at Public Ordinary Schools and Special
Schools to check policies and procedures are being properly implemented.
Monitor and report on the implementation of the policies and procedures; and
drills conducted at Public Schools to DCES School Management and
Governance Support. Conduct Security audits / risk assessments / safety
inspections at Schools. Establish a full programme of documented health and
safety inspections, audits and assessments in relation to learner and employee
safety. Evaluate workplace safety / risk assessment / safety inspections and
consider how risks could be reduced. Establish safe working practices that
comply with legislation. Conduct safety inspections at schools regarding
evacuation drills and emergency alarms; safety risk assessments and standard
operating procedures; employees being aware of their responsibilities; ensure
safety equipment is installed safely and maintained, that records are kept of all
safety related matters. Provide a list of safety findings and recommendations
to the Principal. Procure safety infrastructure and services to limit risks. (align
with procurement policies). Assist the Safety Committee with the development
of an action plan. Monitor and report on the implementation of action plans.
Keep records of audit / assessments/ safety inspection findings and provide
relevant reports to DCES School Management and Governance Support.
Support the effective management of District Occupational Health Safety
(OHS) Committee. Serve on the District Occupational Health and Safety
Committee. Support the Corporate Services Component with the development
and implementation of a Health and Safety Plan for the Education District.
Mobilize and advocate safety and security at district level. Guide the
development and implementation of disaster management preparedness plan.
Report on the support given to the District Occupational Health and Safety
Committee to the DCES School Management and Governance Support.
Coordinate and facilitate Health and Safety Training for Public Ordinary and
Special Schools. Establish a structured programme of Health and Safety
Training within the Education District. Liaise with external health and safety
consultants in the provision of training programmes and health and safety
services. Coordinate the delivery of training (evacuation plans, fire prevention,
fire protection and hazardous materials communication). Ensure full an
accurate health and safety training records are maintained. Review training
feedback from employees. Maintain a database of employees who have
completed the required training. Report on the implementation of occupational
health and safety training to DCES School Management and Governance
Support. Coordinate and facilitate various attitudinal / behavioural programs to
support, modify or influence learner and educator behaviour to create safe
learning environments and promote quality teaching and learning. Organizing,
manage and facilitate all School Based Crime Control, Crime Prevention.
ENQUIRIES : Mr J Jonkers Tel No: (044) 803 8300

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